Memento Mori – Cup 12oz

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Memento Mori Cup (no handle)

Unlike more conventional ceramic products, the surface of all my pieces are actually sculpted in low relief. Bas-relief gives a hyper realistic effect that sets it apart from normal ceramics.

These are ergonomically formed to your hand and perfect for a cup of coffee. It is fired at a very high temperature to ensure durability and longevity. They are very strong and absolutely microwavable and dishwasher safe. The opening still allows for enough room to get your hand inside for washing. 5 X 3.5 X 3.5 Inches 12 Ounces – 360ml (One can of Soda). Each piece has my Artist signature embossed on the bottom.


***Shipping from Seattle – Delivery in the US within 4-7 business days***

10 reviews for Memento Mori – Cup 12oz

  1. LP

    These cups
    1) can be held without a problem even if they contain a hot liquid
    2) if you have multiple, can be told apart both due to different colouring and sets of teeth (which now is more important than ever to counter drinking from someone else’s accidentally)
    3) can be held in various ways and only few of them are awkward. Perfectly acceptable: holding it by the back of the skull, having the chin rest in your palm, holding it by the side or using the eye socket to rest your thumb. Awkward: holding the cup by the inside, accidentally holding someone else’s head
    4) can be drunk from on any part of the brim
    5) look and feel like high-grade kitchenware (and indeed are, but have a high decorative aspect to them)

  2. John Hewitt

    Received my mug this morning just in time for my first coffee of the day. Truly unique. At 72, the eyes looking back at me help me appreciate the upcoming day.

  3. Rita Palmer

    Absolutely amazing! These were shipped out so fast! Packed great. And the craftsmanship is worth every penny! Couldn’t be happier! Even in my small hand this is easy to hold on to!

  4. Geoff

    12oz Skull Cup – I now have 3 of these and want to keep my collection going! They are high quality and can handle any hot or cold liquids. While I haven’t used it in the dishwasher yet, I have no concerns that they’d come out just fine. The quality of these can’t accurately be described in through a review, but to try, the level of detail is only matched by quality of the make of these cups. Despite the odd shape, it can easily be sipped from any side. The size actually fits perfectly in the hand and can easily be stacked 2-3 high for a cool display. I can’t recommend these enough!

  5. Eric Vuillemot

    I bought 2 of these and absolutely love them. Highly recommend.

  6. William

    The craftsmanship is incredible on this and the quality of the coatings appears to be absolutely amazing. I am overall pleased with the purchase, but I doubt I’ll ever be drinking my morning coffee in it. If you want it primarily for a hot beverages maybe the mug is your better bet.

  7. Sara Baker

    This cup is freaking gorgeous, and the man I bought it for will flip when he sees it. I’m annoyed with myself for not noticing the lack of handle, but I’m reassured by the reviews. Beautiful attention to detail. Super fast shipping. Well done!

  8. Jeff Horton

    As soon as you unpackage the mug, you can tell you have something of great quality and unique in your hands. Surely to turn heads while you enjoy your cup of Joe or beverage of choice. Packaged very well and prompt delivery service! Cheers…

  9. Jessica Demastus (verified owner)

    These cups are beautiful, functional works of art. We’ll be using them for all our finest toasts!
    Shipping was super fast and packaging was done so very well. They arrived perfectly unscathed and ready to use!

  10. Devin M-L

    I just received a pair of these today! Wonderfully made, and even feel like bone! (My wife has a collection of animal skulls, so I can compare, lol) They feel sturdy, and look AMAZING. The inner glaze is so smooth, too. Super happy with this purchase!

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